Prophetic words about increased growth and influence

I mentioned in my letter to the church we have recently received a number of prophetic words about increased growth and influence, which we consider as leaders to be significant. As a church we believe that God speaks today and that when we suspect he is speaking we have to consider carefully what He might be saying. Is it from God? What is He saying? What should we do about out it?

To enable wider weighing I list below some of the relevant words we have received, recently and in the past. In going through them I have been very encouraged, I hope you will be too.

  1. From Adrian Horner in June 2016 via email. Adrian leads a church in Kettering and regularly hears from God.

I was praying for Hope Church and had the following thoughts…

The church was on the right track! God was blessing and growing you, giving fruitfulness in social connections and God was increasingly giving you grace to be social glue. Something that would be part of the healing for the Luton community.

I sensed his delight in you but also a sense of invitation to adventure in God’s heart.

I saw the church on a road with a yellow line down the side, the yellow line that means you can pull in but not park. I felt like God was saying that he had something more for Hope Church to push onto and into. But with this bigger call it was possible that the church would be wondering if they had come far enough and prefer to pull in, to wait a while. I felt God saying that if Hope Church rested here he would still love you and has grace for that. But his invitation was to keep going for the bigger prize! I saw the road ahead was clear and you had all you needed. It wouldn’t be a difficult journey.

A coming of age, no longer a teenager but having greater destiny as an adult, you will be bigger, but there is a cost.

I can also see changes in your team shape. A restructuring for momentum. I felt God was inviting you to open the door for some new look leadership, even though it might be risky it was ultimately a fruitful route

2.  Word given on a Sunday morning in September by Nigel Taylor the leader of Hope Church, South Beds, another person who has a history of hearing from God. Click here to listen.

Basic picture is of Hope Church being a diamond that receives and reflects light.


Light drawn to the diamond (church) via Acts 2 v 42-47 actions They devoted themselves to…… These believers doing these activities were sent into different communities. This is the light then being reflected. We are already doing it.


People in other (non-church) communities want to do what they see we are doing. As it is all based on Jesus, it creates a hunger for Jesus in these communities.


We are a diamond rather than a prism; a prism is man-made.  People may take offence that everything is not perfect as would be the case if it was man-made.


Eventually we will impact the nation, with the model of what we are doing.


Everything will take off very quickly. We should expect to have a “speed wobble” for going too fast. When it happens our legs have to go loose, become flexible, give slack. Leaders need stronger legs.

New recipe to be given, water boiled ready for the tea.


3.  Other words received previously from people with a recognised prophetic gift.


2006 – Keith Hazel who had a worldwide ministry

God is trying to build a strong church in your community…. There’s a stirring, there’s a time of increase coming in the church. The church is called forth by God, it will be a place of influence.

2010 – Julian Adams who was based in Bedford with a world-wide prophetic ministry.

The Lord wants to say to you, I am about to move you through the 150, the 200 markers in this season. I am wanting to give you increase both locally and in your own heart……… Your structures even in your church need to get ready to hold that which I am going to give you.

2014 – Phil Wilthew, another prophetic leader from Bedford.

God is coming to the house again, he will reshape the leadership, our roles and responsibilities. There will be shifting responsibilities in our team. God is refitting the boat for the next stage of the journey. We therefore do not need to be afraid of giving away our best. God will add to us 10 fold, 20 fold, 100 fold.


Written by Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson

  1. leslie morris

    i came to hope church today (17th oct 2016) and felt most welcome, already a christian (age 60) i wonder why my life keeps going wrong. prayers are most welcome. i never tell people about jesus, as my christian journey, since the age of 33, has been painfull! i have mental health issues, schizo-affective disorder, since the age of 41.

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