Report on Levante Conference in Spain

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31st March to 2nd April 2017.

Tony has been working with churches in Spain now for over 10 years. He helped to start the El Faro church in the heart of Valencia, which has become truly international having a mix of locals and ex-pats in its worshipping community. For several years, we have supported this church to host weekend conferences with other churches in the area, by sending people from the UK to teach and participate in the conference. On this occasion Mike and Jane Reynolds joined Tony along with leaders from three other UK churches. Previously Linda Geevanathan has been part of visiting teams.

Nearly 50 people were part of the conference, coming from different churches across this part of Spain. Half the speakers were from Spanish churches, the others from the UK. We were then able to further support by having the UK church leaders speak in the participating churches on Sunday morning.

The worship was good, led by ladies from Poland and Italy in Spanish and English. Everything was translated either from Spanish to English or the other way around. It is certainly fun having the congregation singing in both English and Spanish at the same time.

A Spanish church leader from further down the coast spoke about how he had started a church by feeding and housing the poor and destitute in his town. We met many other church leaders from across the area, all keen for friendship and mutual support.

It was hard work, but worth it, meeting many Christians from across the world all serving God in Spain. We met a Spanish lady in her 20s from a Catholic background who, just a few weeks ago, met with Jesus for the first-time, whilst visiting London. Now back home in Spain, she is baptised in the spirit, speaks in tongues and is hungry to learn more about Christ. Old friendships were renewed and new ones made: a Columbian family who are part El Faro speaking only Spanish, they travel into the centre from an outlying town and are keen to plant a church where they live; a Romanian family who want to plant in another nearby town; a YWAM couple from New Zealand who are in Spain to learn the language as part of their preparation to serve God across the world.

It is great to be part of a worldwide family, serving and being served by wonderful people who have gathered together in Spain. What a privilege.


Written by Tony Thompson

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