Things people from other cultures find difficult or offensive about British culture

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I asked friends who were new to British culture what they found most difficult, below are some of their answers.

  • British people do not talk much
  • Hospitality is different – you don’t just pop in, you wait until invited
  • Different standards of hygiene
    • Dogs and cats are allowed in the house
    • Plates etc. are dried using dirty tea towels
  • Members of churches drink alcohol
  • People shake hands with members of the opposite sex, even hug
  • The word family is used of the church but it is not the type of family you expect
    • I was not invited to the wedding of the ministers son, would be if you were family!
    • Can’t just pop into people’s homes, let alone eat with them unannounced
  • The way some girls dressed with short skirts and cleavage. I was surprised by how much (almost) nudity there was around on the streets.
  • I found instant coffee difficult!

Written by Tony Thompson

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