World Christians Quiz

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We automatically look at the world from our own cultural perspective. I found that I was surprised by the answers to the following, it challenged my prejuduces.


1) What is the language of the largest number of Christians?

a) English

b) French

c) Spanish

d) Korean


2) Which languages have more that 10 million Christian speakers?

a) Russian

b) Quechua

c) Tagalog

d) Korean

e) Arabic


3) Which country has sent the largest number of Protestant missionaries abroad?

a) Brazil

b) Japan

c) Kenya

d) Papua New Guinea

e) USA


4) How many languages is the Bible translated into?

a) 2,500

b) 1,048

c) 318


5) How many Christian denominations are there in the world?

a) 260

b) 6,000

c) 22,000


6) What is the distribution of Christians between the ‘north’ industrialised, wealthy world nations and the ‘south’ poorer, less developed countries.

a) North 83%/South 17%

b) 51%/49%

c) 29%/71%


7) What is the proportion between ‘white’ and ‘non-white’ Christians in the world today?

a) 38:62

b) 81:19

c) 48:52



  1. Spanish (207 million) Though English is spoken by a far larger number as a second language
  2. All of them
  3. Brazil. All countries have listed over 2,000 Protestant missionaries abroad.
  4. Complete Bibles 318/New Testaments 1,048/Bible portions 2,500
  5. 22,000. 6,000 are numerically significant. There are 260 new denominations each year.
  6. North 51% South 49%. In 1900 that proportion was 83:17
  7. 48:52. It was 81:19 in 1900

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